About Us

Clarke Talbots Renewable Energy (CTRE) is a company which is the sum of its parts, its parts being the people who work here and their vast knowledge & experience in the renewable Tech industry, its MD Dave Clarke who has 36 years’ experience in the heating industry, of which he has dedicated the last 15 years solely to the renewables sector of the industry, in areas which cover System Design, Specification, Consultancy, Manufacturing and Equipment testing and Certification along with project management, he has carried out these duties whilst also being the Managing Director, the great advantage that CTRE offer over other similar companies is the depth of knowledge and experience the whole team bring with them, for example Dave and his operations Director have worked together for over 23 years and our lead engineers have also worked together for 10 years, in fact our two lead engineers carried out their training/apprenticeship under Dave Clarke’s and Rob Turners supervision and tutelage.       

Please Note

Clarke Talbot is closed for the Christmas period from the 22.12.23 – 03.01.24.